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  Birkenstock Sandals ceiling dark,

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 Birkenstock Sandals ceiling dark,
Alexandra Kerry smiled, reaching close the mouths, bald hair and well-behaved dog ran up, close to Alexandra Kerry's legs to rub to rub. Alexandra Kerry gently stroked its head, the dog with eyes closed, look very much enjoy. Joan also bald hair casually hand patted the dog's head, passing from Alexandra Kerry, went straight back to his home yard. Alexandra Kerry watched her brother, a slight frown, bald hair gently patted the dog, too, went into the yard. Mothers do indeed have a dinner, waiting for the two siblings, the father of today's account in the calculation, looking relaxed demeanor, must have pretty good business. "Back." Greeted his mother, while fried steak, issued enticing smell. "Ah." Promised Joan still faint cry, remove the back pocket, on the chair next. Considered the father finished off, one of four sitting around the table and start dinner. Mother's cooking class, steak taste good, we all work for a day, good appetite, only Joan seemed depressed, although eating a lot, but if the clouds look like, but mechanically chewing, swallowing. Father is a sloppy person, did not care, his mother carefully noted, and she looked at Alexandra Kerry, asked about how the thing with the eyes, but Alexandra Kerry shook his head slightly, indicating that she is not clear. "Today very tired it," his mother gently asked Joan, "collection material is a very hard job." Joan shook her head, which was then nodded, "ah, a little tired," he said, "probably the way to go today too much. "her mother nodded, then reached for him to ask the hair hanging down to the ear. "Tired, they go to bed early, tomorrow you and your sister a good rest at home." "Well?" Alexandra Kerry strange, "Tomorrow, we do not Kandian it?" "Tomorrow closed down a rest," she laughs, her face reveals the well-being expression, "Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and your father." "Oh." Shan Jia also laughed. Joan will soon finish his steak in front of the share of used napkins Mama Zui, "I am a little tired," he said, "would like to go back and rest." "Go to bed early," his mother told, "I remember the quilt cover. "family of small businessmen, will naturally not how large the house. Siblings share a bedroom, they are on the bunk beds, sleeping capped Joan. Joan lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, stared trance. Gently opened the door, it was entered. Joan felt a slight vibration in the bed, then he saw his sister Birkenstock Shoes Alexandra Kerry, the girl is standing on a wooden ladder on a bed, unearthed in the upper body, watching his younger brother. "You're okay." She asked. "Nothing," Joan said, "a little tired, nothing more." Shan Jia hand touched his forehead and found that there is no fever, so relax. "Piece of film must be part snake scared today," the sister said, "You obediently sleep, I am washing dishes for her Mom." "Good." Shan Jia helped Joan to be a tuck tuck angle, to prevent him from sleeping the quilt will kick - Joan had this habit since childhood, and then softly out of bed. "Sister." Legitimate Alexandra Kerry to walk out of the room, suddenly called out call her Joan. "Ah?" Alexandra Kerry back. "In a few days, it is your birthday." "Is your birthday ah," Alexandra Kerry smiled, "Well we are twins - how is it prepared secretly to her sister what gift?" "Is the sister should be given brother prepared to present Caidui it. "" Relax, and ultimately you. obediently sleep. "Shan Jia light laugh, out of the room, the door gently. Around into the dark and quiet, Joan alone in bed, looking at the Birkenstock Sandals ceiling dark, silent meditation. In a few days, that is, myself Birkenstock and Alexandra Kerry's year-old birthday. We knew it, came to this world it is almost seven years. Fiction enthusiasts as the network once, Joan on the "through" is no stranger to the word. Now that the first through rampant, if you walk sewer lid event not cover the mouth and do not care one foot into it, do not worry about residual fell to his death fell, because you will be landing in thicket of different likelihood or the ancient world, and then, falling from the sky, smashed someone's roof, crushing is intended to rape the daughter of a certain despotic landlord, and then waiting to wake up, the daughter of (and beauty) of your gestures sexual favors. Joan has been a pretty good psychological quality person, whether before or through the crossing, the last generation or this life. The so-called good psychological quality, is the ability to not panic - can also be interpreted as insensitive, meaning in fact is one thing, to see how to say. After years of practice, Joan even walking down the street, suddenly jumped out in front of a masked robbers, Birkenstocks armed with Hanguang flashing knives,
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Birkenstock Sandals ceiling dark,

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