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  within three

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PostSubyek: within three   Wed 4 May 2011 - 8:31

within threeOf towns situated within three or four miles of each other, one is sometimes found 'almost totally destroyed, the other scarcely injured. It seems almost inexplicable at first sight, that both should have been almost equally near to the same subverting agency from beneath; yet Mr. Mallet claims that nothing can MBT be simpler or more certain when explained, than the conditions which shielded one and left the other exDOsea to destruction.ifiiicn iartner to tne westward, uasteuucia. uttan. jometo. iaureno. ana some otner towns, were sreauv damased wnere mr. rnaiiet considers the earthwave must have been propasrated with much violence, out MBT Shoes wnii treauent ana moia cnanses oi direction: ana uence rama loss oi vis wva and sneedv extinction. Returning, to the valley of Diano, upon a new piece of the military road not yet used between Atena and La Sala, Mr. Mallet observed and describes a newlyerected culvert of three semicircular arches of tweive ieet scan, nassinsr a torrent under tne road; tne Diers. aoout MBT Shoes Sale eight feet in the opening, all built of good squared ashlar, the arches turned in brick, two bricks thick. The structure was not loaded with material, and was well put together, and the mortar still green. Itdid not exhibit a trace of injury.At La Sala MBT Trainers the mountain peaks to the rear and above the first low ranee oi me ©astern naiiK exniDiced evidence or lecreasea looseness and softening of the limestone rock composing them. The forms of the mountains behind also indicated a very soft and easily denuded or weathered rock: one of low elasticity, and capable of transmitting impulse much less powerfully, and to a much less distance, than the limestone previously encountered, which at its maximum MBT Sale hardness and sonorousness, was found in the flanking peaks of the valley of the Tanagro. some twenty miles to the north.Many isolated houses and other buildings, about La Sala, founded upon the deep clay of the Piano, exhibited by their fissures, an almost comDJeteiv uniform directionwaveDatn. norm to soutn, ana an ae?ieemerffcnce so smau as to seem almost zero.was obvious. however, that wherever such buildings were founded upon the limestone rock, on the gentle slopes of the lowest hillsides of the east side of the Yallone, the wavepath tended a little to the east of north; e..

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within three

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