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  gucci sunglasses let undergoing

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PostSubyek: gucci sunglasses let undergoing   Fri 30 Sep 2011 - 10:50

"only guarantee fairness and integrity of the election, can we truly achieve the original intention of doing grassroots democracy test". This wallet money to buy? "Frontier seemingly unintentional a doubt gucci sunglasses let undergoing baggage check several young people panic god.Recently, Beijing police on duty when frontier found five destination and route, even the same origin is identical to the southern province passengers, they seem to groups as arrived at the same time check seat for exit formalities, but the police asked, they insisted that is trip did inexplicable stroke and destination. Because route circuitous, frontier defense police decisive leader on the personal and baggage check, in ShenZhaShi, burberry outlet found the five men's oldest but twenty years of age, and other high school graduation, but didn't have the brand value does not poor purse, although the brand is different, the appearance is like together custom. Police should be inferred its frontier fortress batch imitation "famous-brand purse, hence let its empty wallet, and the wallet overall conducted a detailed inspection, burberry bags outlet in two of them respectively in the wallet sandwich searched quantity of pseudo false South America ranging from a visa, display material it is 5 suspect material. And with that, the five "high school students had" smuggling journey this to an abrupt
When frontier for its further inquiries policemen, the five men admitted that its when to take advantage of the illegal smuggling stranded foreign work plan, often in them to "the applicants should" after the training, gave each of them a wallet, saying is holding purse can chi flat iron usa They said they next to the university entrance exam, because study result is bad, parents give to such a way, that he picked a "terengganu xi road" good name purse, also can't escape frontier police.none. "This me this month working wages, true have never thought to be found." On January 12 days afternoon, taizhou teachers sophomores will ChenShuang side expeditiously taizhou south of the car DiaoDuShi staff's hand.On January 9, ChenShuang in burberry scarf outlet south of the car ride to examine the shuttle bus, carelessly will my wallet on the automobile. Purse contains more than 1000 yuan in cash, id card and card, etc. After get off, he went to examine the bus stop buying it was found that the wallet is gone, looking for after not if really.At noon on the bus driver, master li carriage found when sorting seat a purse. Because can't find ChenShuang cheap air jordan Nancy will purse back to the station DiaoDuShi, and please work staff to help find the owner. DiaoDuShi staff and taixing city police station AnLing contact, contact the ChenShuang family. tell staff, he evening in restaurants pass food born, a month 800 yuan wages not come easily. In the purse 1000 yuan is his last month's salary, prepare to bring home New Year, can find, really very burberry purses[/b]

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gucci sunglasses let undergoing

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